The Story of Alts Trader Vong

Alts Trader Vong strategy

Hey, do you read me? Trader Vong on the line and I am here to make money for you and make money on you. How this is possible — you will discover it very soon.

You can ask me why I am talking like that? — To answer this question, I will briefly tell my story.

So, my first meeting with the crypto was in 2015 when I tried to mine at home on a video card. Yes, it was possible and profitable — great times when bitcoin was $300 a piece. It was just an experiment, nothing serious. A lot has happened since then, bitcoin became more expensive, mining became more complicated and expensive, and since it was only for fun and I didn’t want to destroy my video card for some garbage, I abandoned my mining activities.

And I started trading. At that time I had to exchange the mined coins for money, and if at first I just exchanged the coins on the same day and took them out regardless of the rate, then over time I began to notice that the rates of coins did not fluctuate evenly relative to each other. Altcoins can overtake bitcoin during growth and can also fall faster. An excellent area for speculation (by the way, most of my trades are still on the spot in a pair against bitcoin).

So I slowly dabbled in until 2017. And then — “Viva la revolución”! Boom! Crypto Spring! The rise of the ICO! It was wonderful! The Bacchanalia of that year has left a great mark on the world, made a lot of people richer and deprived many of their money. Of course, I took part in the ICO and did X30 a piece. Sure, I bought more bitcoin for 20k and lost some of the money in a month, when bitcoin collapsed twice.

But, the main thing that I learned from that time is that my previous observations were confirmed and many coins grew again and fell faster than bitcoin. And I, taught by past experience, had already made good money on this.

Now cryptocurrencies, investing and trading have become my main way of making money. And here we come to the most important problem of trading, but everything is step by step.

A real trader differs from a non-real one in just one thing. The real one lives from what he earned by trading. So, will I eat white meat for dinner today and buy Lambo tomorrow or not? It depends on how I will tear them away from the market. By the way, I earned money for Lambo in 2017, but I didn’t buy it, I prefer Porsche. ;) This state is exhausting, because your life is a crypto chart. Today you’re cool and tomorrow you’re tearing your hair out. It is Impossible to plan anything. You don’t know how much you will earn or lose tomorrow, or stay in a flat state (flat is not bad, of course, but not half a year).

Alts Trader Vong strategy
Alts Trader Vong strategy

This problem is not only mine but all traders. And recently it has been solved. Now the most interesting part…drumrolls… copy trading platforms. The principle is extremely simple and brilliant.

The copy trading platforms allow you to copy my trades automatically. And the information for people with larger amounts — no one owns your money, it is in your exchange account. You just give the right to make transactions on your account linking the API key. For the profit that you get by copying my trades, you will pay me a bit, and at that moment I cease to be purely dependent on the market. Win-win way — I earn not only directly from trading, and you, without any trading skills, can repeat all my transactions for a percentage of your profit or a small fixed fee.

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